In Which Century Was There More Change?

1817 - 1916

First commercial railroads & locomotives
Internal combustion engine invented
Dynamite and TNT invented
Typewriter invented
Bicycle invented
First automobiles, trucks, and motorcycles
First telegraphs
First telephones
First radio broadcast
First vacuum cleaner
First sewing machine
First electric washing machine
First lawn mowers
First refrigerators
First plastics
First gas heating and gas cooking
First electrical air conditioners
First radar and modern sonar
First electric light bulbs
First neon lamps
First programmable mechanical computer
First usable electric motors
Photography invented
First movies
First phonographs
First fax machines
Genetic rules discovered
Periodic table of the elements formulated
Theory of evolution by natural selection
Maxwell's equations of electromagnetism
Special theory of relativity formulated
General theory of relativity formulated
Quantum mechanics formulated
Germ theory of disease devised & proven
Pasteurization invented
Radioactivity discovered
X-rays discovered
Electron and proton discovered
Superconductivity discovered
Aspirin invented
General & local anesthesia invented
First antiseptics
Safety razor invented
Matches invented
Zipper invented
Raincoat invented
Thermos bottle invented
Portland cement invented
Electric generator (dynamo) invented
Revolver and machine gun invented
Torpedo invented
Traffic lights invented
Stapler invented
Fiber optics invented
Contact lenses invented
First elevators
First escalators
First skyscrapers
Modern propeller invented
First practical airplanes and helicopters

1917 - 2016

First antibiotics
First electric hearing aids
First kidney dialysis
Cardiac pacemakers invented
Organ transplantation developed
Contraceptive pill invented
DNA discovered and genetics explained
First genetic engineering of an organism
Size of universe measured
Age of universe measured
Neutron discovered
Synthetic rubber invented
Atomic energy and weapons developed
First jet engines
First liquid fuelled rockets
First jet airplanes
First space flights
First humans in space
First transoceanic phone calls
First ballpoint pens
First personal radios
Laser invented
Electron microscope invented
Tape recorder invented
Holography developed
Photocopier invented
Microwave oven invented
First televisions
First transistors
First integrated circuits
Electronic memory invented
First solar cells
First LEDs
CDs and DVDs invented
First electronic digital computers
First personal computers
First mobile phones
First smartphones
Internet developed
First satellite navigation systems
World Wide Web and social media invented

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