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for your skin
for your skin
Gallixa® skin cream is available in decorative 1.2-ounce (35 mL) jars for
only $19.95 each!

Or larger 2-ounce (60 mL) tubes for
only $29.95 each!

If you order at least two jars or tubes, priority shipping to a U.S. destination is

and if you order 10 or more, you get
15% OFF!!

Buy  Gallixa® here and have it shipped to anywhere in the world

Pay securely using PayPal  or your credit card

Gallixa jar 1.2-Ounce (35 mL) Jar Quantity
Gallixa tube 2-Ounce (60 mL) Tube Quantity
I accept Gallixa's shipping and sales policies
Shipping charges and California sales tax, if any, will be calculated before payment.

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Gallixa® is the only skin cream in the world to contain gallium maltolate!

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