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A few comments from people who have tried Gallixa®...

This cream works wonders. It truly does. If it seems too good to be true, don't worry. It IS true! Rarely does something come up for pain that actually does what it says it will do. This cream has given me hope that I won't have to live in terrible trigeminal neuralgia pain for the rest of my life. And my burning mouth is starting to calm down as well! My last step is to get off the medication that makes me so drowsy, and I'm working on that, thanks to Gallixa.
Sadie Klaus, Greenville, North Carolina

The gallium [maltolate] cream is nothing short of magic. It is prompt in action, devoid of side effects, easy to apply, non-greasy and non-staining and has no unpleasant odor to it, an altogether wonderful and efficacious product.
Walter M. Lewis, MD, Santa Barbara, California

In 1993, at the relatively young age of 44, [my wife] contracted a case of shingles which affected the right side of her face, neck and upper chest. After about two weeks the pustules went away but excruciating pain in the right side of her face remained… Around 1998 she was put on morphine (oramorph), along with an antidepressant (amitriptyline), which seemed to stabilize her pain at around a 7 out of 10… Recently she has tried a couple of new medicines, both oral and topical creams, with no relief. Also a recent occipital nerve block did not work…Within 20 minutes of applying a thin layer of [Gallixa] cream to the side of her face, the pain level diminished from a “7” to a “2”. We both think this is a phenomenal result. This is the least amount of pain she has experienced in 20 years… She anticipates getting off all of her other “pain meds” and being able only to use the cream. Thank you very much for this "miracle”.
Jim S., Asheville, North Carolina

UPDATE: I received the Gallixa order from you today. It has been almost one year now since I tried your cream and my pain from the PHN [postherpetic neuralgia] has virtually disappeared. After twenty years of constant debilitating pain, this past year has been amazing.
Cheryl S., Asheville, North Carolina

I began using your Gallixa creme a month ago when my brother so generously and sagely bought some as a gift for me. I have used it for skin conditions, foot sole pain, and surgical scars. It has been a Godsend. It removed the skin issues I was having within days, and takes away my awful foot pain and allows me to walk again without pain. It diminished pain and neuralgia around my kidney surgical scar, and as an extra benefit generally enhances skin health. I am re-ordering another two tubes; I know that I have never experienced a product that does as much as Gallixa. I have over 35 years in the Natural Health world. I will be passing this on to my nurse practitioner so she can recommend this for all her patients. Thank you so much for making such a brilliant and ingenious pioneering product.
Máire Osborne, Medford, Oregon

I am delighted to tell you that Gallixa continues to be a great help to me in relieving the nerve pain I have from shingles. It is the only way I have found to get relief from nerve damage from shingles. I frequently share this cream with others suffering with shingles. I am so thankful to have this cream to help manage the pain I experience every day. Thank you!
Mary Grace Weeks, Rome, Georgia

10 years I have been living with PHN, it has destroyed by quality of life across the board. Been through the long haul route again and again with treatments, none successful or even helpful in dealing with the pain. My right eye, eyelid, forehead and right side of my scalp hairline, makes it impossible to apply any treatments that work for PHN pain relief in other area's of your body. Been using Gallixa for almost 1 year now, with the best results and no side effects. Pain is not gone completely, but by far the best remedy in my arsenal. No drugs, no anti-seizure medication, no morphine or heavy duty narco drugs to mask pain. Will continue using this wonderful cream, to help me be able to function like a normal person does with their life. I know very few people suffering from long term PHN, 10 years a decade of pain and I suggest Gallixa to anyone who is living with the intolerable pain that PHN causes.
Michael Viktor Miceli, Garden City, New York

I bought Gallixa because it was recommended by a friend in a dystonia support group. For about 6 years I have had cervical dystonia, also known as spasmodic torticollis. I started using Gallixa about 3 months ago. Since then the pain from the spasms in areas of my neck, jaw and shoulder has almost completely disappeared. I can now do suggested therapeutic exercises that I was unable to do before because of the pain and loss of range of motion. My range of motion has increased and the spasms have decreased considerably. Gallixa has become an incredible aid in restoring my quality of life. May I just say this stuff is AWESOME!!!

UPDATE: I don't think I have mentioned these other benefits of Gallixa: It works on mosquito bites, rashes, or anything that itches, and my friend even used it on shingles. Also it works on fever sores. I had a rash on my lower left leg on and off for months. The doctor gave me cortisone cream and it would go away but then come back. I put Gallixa on it two months ago and it has not returned. This stuff is just amazing!
L. Bran, Palm Desert, California

GALLIXA!!!!!!!!!! I cannot be more excited about this molecule combination put into a cream. My pain level was reduced by 50%-75% within the first 10 min of application. Improves my headache and scalp pain as well. After the 1st night I noticed great improvement with the swelling associated with ATN [atypical trigeminal neuralgia] and swelling in my eyes. After several days my swelling is staying 75% lower than it has in 2 years trying everything else anti-inflammatory and anti-pain. This Stuff Works Great!! Please try it. I promise it could help.
Therese Siler, Morgan Hill, California

I have been trying the Gallixa on all sorts of pain patients. It clearly takes pain away significantly within 20 minutes… One grateful patient has fibromyalgia and a recent mastoidectomy; the Gallixa relieved the agonizing throbbing pain she was left with behind her ear over the surgical scar. It also took down throbbing in a broken toe and a squashed finger… This week I gave my last jar to a woman with fibromyalgia who got a Bell's palsy with intense pain over one side of her face, much more than usual with this condition, and the pain went down in five minutes… A couple of patients with chronic migraines have been putting it over the trigeminal nerve pathways and finding it really helped. It is good on tendonopathies as well.
Paula Williams, MD (internist and pain specialist), Toronto, Ontario, Canada

I want to thank you for making this product! I've suffered from trigeminal neuralgia for 22 years now and was taking up to 22 prescription medications a day! After finding this I am now medication free! I truly believe in the power of Gallixa and give out samples daily to people all over the place if they have a headache, all the way to fibromyalgia and diabetic nerve pain, even restless leg syndrome! It works!!! Super awesome; thank you again for saving my life.
Kimberlee Fisher, Springfield, Missouri

Thank you so much for this amazing and wonderful product. Three years ago I was in terrible pain from shingles that affected my sciatic nerve. Your cream drastically reduced the pain. Since then, I have found relief and almost instant healing from cold sores, and have used it to treat precancerous growths on my skin. I am truly impressed with this cream!
Carla Nelson, Cornville, Arizona

I have been using Gallixa cream on my shoulders, which have been diagnosed as having Rheumatoid Arthritis. It is bone on bone and this cream gives me relief of pain. I highly recommend it.
Yolanda Corzine, Mulkeytown, Illinois

I can't tell you how grateful I am to have stumbled across this miraculous cream and to have adopted its use for so many ailments. It appears to have no restriction when it comes to assisting in both pain management as well the healing process. I am currently using it to finish the healing process of a surgical removal of a cancer on my skin. With Gallixa applied the scarring has always been reduced to a minimum... Sorry for the lengthy missive but above all I wish to thank you for bringing this substance into the reach of the lay person. I hope you reap all the blessings (both financial as well as the good karma) that doing so will bring you.
John Goldsworthy, Warner Springs, California

My mother has shingles. In areas around the shingles outbreak she had burning, pain and itching. We used the Gallixa cream on all areas without active lesions and the cream immediately took away the burning, pain and itching. Now we are at the point of no active lesions and are using the Gallixa cream only to treat the lasting discomfort, burning, pain, and itching. Thank you.
Vanessa Bunton, Huntersville, North Carolina

Gallixa works for me for all my various debilitating painful issues. I also appreciate your personalized help in answering questions. I have been very impressed with every aspect of Gallixa as it has significantly improved my quality of life.
Paula Green, Jemison, Alabama

UPDATE: Just stocking up on Gallixa again...it is still a miracle worker for me and my various pains. It is also helping with psoriasis. I use it for many issues with excellent results. Gratefully, Paula.

FURTHER UPDATE: I am back for more since I never want to run out of Gallixa. As a long term user, it has never failed to get me out of pain and able to function and enjoy life. I am so very grateful...Paula.

FURTHER UPDATE: Dr. Bernstein’s compassion for those of us who suffer, his scientific acumen, and his dedication to explore and develop the miracle product of Gallixa have truly blessed my life. He is an unsung hero who has not had the recognition he deserves in the wider world for his scientific achievement, but in my opinion he is right up there with chemist Linus Pauling, who won the Nobel Prize twice. Not all heroes wear capes (or get prizes). My heartfelt thanks for Gallixa and to Dr. Bernstein...Paula

A couple of weeks ago I ordered a jar of your product for my postherpitic neuralgia. I was very skeptical that it would work, but I must admit I was pleasantly surprised. It isn’t perfect, but it is way better than any oral medication or topical ointment that I’ve tried. My neuralgia pain is so much more tolerable that sometimes I forget all about it. It also works very well on my back pain. I just reordered 2 more jars.
William Dy, Mililani, Hawaii

I have diabetes nerve pain, with tingling, numbness and burning in my feet. My doctor suggested I try Gallixa. I did, and what a difference Gallixa makes. I put it on 3 times daily. I get to sleep much faster and I can walk for hours, whereas before I could only walk about 15 minutes before I was in great pain. I also had small growths on both arms; they disappeared in 2 weeks. Love it!
Marlene Eckhardt, Capitola, California

I just wanted to let you know that I had a major surgery to remove my colon back in June. I have had some complications with the anal canal re-connection point. I have tried many of the hemorrhoid creams, lidocaine creams and prescription suppositories and creams but your Gallixa has been a life saver. It has definitely given me more pain relief than anything else. It has worked well for my patients with nerve pain and post-op joint replacement pain as well. I highly recommend your product to other practitioners for their patients.
Daniel Hass, Louisville, Kentucky

The burning pain on the top of husband’s feet - gone almost immediately. He was left with a cool feeling! So appreciative for the pain relief. My pre-cancerous skin spot is almost gone in 5 days! Just fading away!
Susan O'Connor, Bend, Oregon

I had been suffering with severe pain on my face and scalp for over a week and doctors were unable to diagnose this condition except to call it dermatitis, possibly shingles or neuropathy. The intense burning pain, tingling, and itching were intolerable and I was desperate to find some relief. I was unable to sleep and the pain was relentless. After countless topical cremes and medications to no avail, I stopped all other treatments and used Gallixa every 4 hours for 2 days. Within the first half hour, the cream took the edge off the pain and within 24 hours the pain had decreased to the point where I could function normally. Now after two days I have only a slight tingle and continue to use and see decreased pain. Hallelujah!!! Thank you so much for this product, it is truly God sent.
Marian Tiemann, San Jose, California

Most AMAZING cream—diminished my CHRONIC tibialis posterior tendinitis (foot) pain that I was walking around with for almost year in JUST THREE APPLICATIONS by 80%!!!! I am so impressed by the effectiveness of this cream, I cannot wait till I can start recommending it to my patients!!!
Dr. Grigoriy N. Patish, DPM (podiatrist), Fallbrook Podiatry, Fallbrook, California

As a long time time Gallixa user, it is my first go to whenever a physical issue arises and it never fails me! Even for issues I never heard of its success about. I recently had a rash and the itching was driving me crazy so I applied the Gallixa. Within minutes the itching stopped and after a few days of use the rash is fading. I am so grateful for this wonderful product and cannot imagine being without Gallixa.
Paula, Jemison, Alabama

Despite my initial pessimism, Gallixa has provided great relief for both an embarrassing facial skin condition and, even more unexpectedly, for neck & back pain, including headaches and even migraines. Since my teens I've had facial redness, flaking, and buildup; I've tried dozens of remedies, many prescribed by doctors, with little benefit. Surprisingly, Gallixa alone once-a-day moistened and evened out my skin from the first application, and the flaking has not returned. In addition, an auto accident left me with often severe neck and back pain, for which I've tried chiropractic, physical therapy, acupuncture, TENS, medication, and other therapies. I remain shocked that applying Gallixa greatly lessens my pain in just minutes, providing the relief I need to function. I tried Gallixa without any expectations (except that it would probably fail), and it continues to provide me with relief for my skin problems and pain.
Daryl Josephson, Redwood City, California

I do want you to know that Gallixa is a miracle cream. I use it around my scaps [scapulas] and feet. I am astonished about the small amount I need to get a lot of relief.
Sally, Alpharetta, Georgia

I have used the Gallixa cream for Trigeminal Neuralgia, Occipital Neuralgia, and migraine type pain. The cream has worked where pain killers mostly do not work anymore. Within minutes of application the pain reduces to a minimal level. I have tried the cream on my back for back pain with good results also. For me it is a life saver and enables a normal life again and a reduction in medication. Thanks again for bringing this product to market.
Simon Linklater, Draper, Queensland, Australia

Thank you so much for making Gallixa cream available. I use it on a daily basis for my TNP (Trigeminal Neuralgia Pain) and it brings the pain level down... Anything that helps as much as it does with no side effects is wonderful. I also use it on my arthritic knees and hands—it helps. Amazing stuff, IMO.
Rev. Wendy A. McAninch, Ashland, Oregon

The last two days I have been using a cream called Gallixa. It has made such a difference after just an hour; I wanted to wait a few days to see [the] full effect. I am totally amazed. I have not been able to touch my chin for months. I can do that now without setting off a trigger. …I am running the halls due to the thrill of my pain level being sooo much better, due to this new cream. It has eased a lot of the burning, boring pain and even has lessened the shocking, ice pick stabbing. …I have always been afraid of products saying they will help TN [trigeminal neuralgia] pain, and just wasting my money. This stuff has worked so well for me I just had to let you all know about it. I was front page news in the Battle Creek Enquirer

UPDATE (five months later): I'm no longer taking any pain medications! With the Gallixa skin cream, my facial pain is totally under control, and even the burning pain in my mouth is 85% gone. Thank you for this amazing product!!!

UPDATE (nine months later): This is the most amazing stuff I have ever used!! I have trigeminal neuralgia. THIS CREAM SAVED MY LIFE FOR REAL!!!! Anyone is more than welcome to read my story in the Battle Creek Enquirer from Nov. 10, 2014 and then an updated story about 2 weeks later. I have suffered with this dreaded disease since 1994, with no success at everything tried, from nerve blocks, surgeries, pain meds, the list goes on. I FELT TN WAS ABOUT TO WIN. I went to a church, I DID NOT KNOW WHAT TO DO!! The burning, boring, aching, throbbing, was more than I could handle on top of the shocking and stabbing, etc. The church was of no help; I left feeling defeated. I called Chuck Carlson (the reporter) who came to my rescue by doing the story, getting me into the hospital, and then to my amazement, Larry (such a brilliant and caring man) found my story, SENT ME GALLIXA TO TRY. NOW I AM GETTING MY LIFE BACK!! THANK-YOU!!!!! TO A GREAT LOVING MAN AND TO ALL OF YOU WHO TOOK THE TIME TO READ THIS!!!!
Dawn Monarch, Battle Creek, Michigan

I first heard about it and thought "snake oil". After actually trying it on my diabetic neuropathy in my feet I was amazed how well it reduced the pain and spasms. Also, recently I had a sports injury to my nose and face and immediately applied Gallixa to the wounds after the normal ice pack treatment. It has been two days and the cuts and bruises are almost healed and the pain is gone! This is an amazing product.
Michael Singleton, Mountain View, California

The great news is that I used 1% hydrocortisone for behind the ear weeping & soreness, redness, crusting, etc., with little to no success, but one application of Gallixa seems to have cleared up the situation! I'm thrilled! I'm blown away with how rapidly my ear was healed after using Gallixa on the inflamed area a single time. Wow.
Ilona Pollak, Palo Alto, California

When my PT recommended Gallixa 2 years ago, I began using it on sore knees and a sprain. Recently I broke my right foot and am using it daily for inflammation and pain. It has also reduced swelling. This is the first product I have used that has no odor and leaves no greasy film. Having had a lifetime of physical issues, I am grateful my PT introduced Gallixa to me! Thank you too, for the gracious manner in which you treat your customers!
Mary Marmion, Tucson, Arizona

I'm a 28 year-old male who has suffered from scalp seborrhea, including abundant dandruff and continuous itching, for more than 10 years. This has led to socially embarrassing scratching of my scalp, often to the point of bleeding. I have visited dermatologists many times and tried various products. The best was a prescription sulfur shampoo that helped clean up my scalp for two days (when the problem returned), but my hair became so dry and fluffy that I had to put on some gel, which worsened the problem. Then I tried Gallixa, which I've been using for two weeks. My scalp hasn't been this clean in more than 10 years: the irritation is totally gone, as well as the flakiness. The cream is not greasy or sticky, but it actually makes my hair look shiny and keeps it styled. I love Gallixa! I wish more people would know about it, as there is probably a huge need for this great product.
Áron Békési (medical student), Pécs, Hungary

Greetings...I just would like to say that this is absolutely amazing cream! For orofacial pain excellent... and for psoriasis... just wonder! I could not believe myself----just a miracle...Thank you for making my life less painful...God bless you....
Zdravka Rostočil, Novo Mesto, Slovenia

I have been using Gallixa for a period of months treating hemorrhoids. Your product has certainly lived up to its reputation for pain relief and healing. This is one of those items that sounds too good to be true but, once used, leaves no doubt about its efficacy.
John D., San Marcos, California

Gallixa is an amazing cream. It has cleared up my cold sores, cracked lips, rashes from Lyme [disease], other sores. It makes my skin soft. Well worth the price.
Jeanine Kaczmarzyk, Weston, Wisconsin

After researching postherpetic neuralgia for well over a year, I found an article about your product. I have tried many over-the-counter and prescription medicines and creams... Each gave me some relief, but mainly for a year and two months I have been in significant pain and itching from postherpetic neuralgia. When I received the Gallixa, I immediately used it. I immediately got relief! Gallixa has given me the most pain relief of anything I've tried. It has been a major factor in improving my ability to function. ...I have had such relief from the severe pain that I shared the information about Gallixa with my pain management doctor... Thanks for a very good product that has given me significant pain relief.
Kathleen Gorman C., Milford, Connecticut

UPDATE (8 months later): I can't say enough good about the pain relief I have had using the cream. Without it I literally couldn't function independently because the postherpetic neuralgia was so debilitating... This was not an incidence of placebo effect. (I had tried other products advertised with a great deal of hype and I was disappointed by little or no relief.) Gallixa really worked and continues to work. My husband can attest to the fact that he also got instant relief from knee pain when he tried it.
Kathleen Gorman C., Milford, Connecticut

David Yeomans* told me about this cream and it is the only product that works on my arthritic knee. Truly a miracle cream. Thank you!
Andrea Saccani, Cupertino, California
*Dr. David Yeomans is Director of Pain Research in the Anesthesiology Department at Stanford University Medical School.

I have had great success with this product and am buying more for myself and two of my friends [who] are keen to try it. So good to not be using cortisone any more! I have had some small hairline patches of psoriasis that I have been able to totally control with Gallixa. Also a wart on my leg is gone after use of the product twice daily. One of the original tubes I gave to a friend who had suffered badly with shingles to the face. She has been using the cream and has had pain relief and relief from the lesions.
Timothy Marley, Twin Waters, Queensland, Australia

Oh my gosh! Gallixa has worked wonders on my rosacea... it's gone! Thank you!
Rochelle Ford, metal sculpture artist, Palo Alto, California

I rubbed this cream on my face about 5 minutes ago and the relief [from trigeminal neuralgia] was almost instantaneous. I'm in love! …I have received tremendous relief from the Gallixa cream that you sent me. ...As far as still having pain while eating and drinking, a small application of Gallixa and I am as good as new again. The great thing about it is that at night, when I am not eating, I get total relief from the cream. …Forever grateful from a USA Army Veteran/TN victim who suffers less and less because of your amazing product!
Larrietta Johnson, Portsmouth, Virginia

Recently I was in Costa Rica with a group, and on Jan. 20, 2014 one of the people got cut while snorkeling. The cut got inflamed and didn't respond to conventional antibiotics. On Jan. 24th, I gave her some Gallixa to put on the cut, and within 12 hours, the inflammation was gone and the cut had healed over. Needless to say, she and the rest of the group were astounded and wanted to know more about Gallixa!

UPDATE: I gave some Gallixa cream to a friend whose teenage daughter has had a very intractable case of acne on her back. She says it's working beautifully; nothing else has worked!
Judith Bell, Aromas, California

I've used Gallixa on various pain sites on my body, due to arthritis, sciatica, or overstressed muscles, for several months. Sometimes when I lie quietly waiting to fall asleep, using this cream can make the difference between falling asleep with no pain or not falling asleep at all. It absorbs beautifully into one's skin, and has a lovely subtle sweet strawberry scent. It also seems to have a healing component in assuring that any minor break in skin heals quickly. I've tried many pain creams, and this one by far is my favorite.
Jan Nolte Falcon, Conway, Arkansas

My dad received his cream in two days and has been applying it daily. Well, his PHN (postherpetic neuralgia) has been relieved and he has not had to take Tylenol during the day at all!! Thank you for inventing this stuff, I am so so happy that I found your website (and so is my dad).
Annelise Valdez, Staten Island, New York

For several years I've had a wart on my finger that nothing has budged. Salicylic acid, freezing, duct tape. Also, freezing, then applying salicylic acid and duct taping it... A week or so of Gallixa and it was gone. Not peeled off—simply dissolved.
Karen R., College Park, Maryland

My Chiropractor suggested Gallixa for back pain. While reading some of the endorsements I decided to try it on a stubborn plantar wart. I had this small area on the heel of my foot for 2.5 years. I tried everything from over the counter, duck tape, organic cider vinegar, and finally freezing at my dermatologist, nothing worked. Gallixa got rid of it in three weeks...unbelievable. No pain, no weird side effects—it just disappeared. ...Plantar warts are one of the hardest things to get rid of and it was so simple with Gallixa. BTW... it did help the back pain also. Love this product!
Janis M., Soquel, California

[Gallixa] has been a real help with my facial pain, and my husband likes it for his neck pain. We both find that it somehow shuts down the pain signal without shutting down the sensory signal, which is unusual, unlike lidocaine, which affects both. We are SO appreciative that you are making this product available.
Heather S., Oakland, California

In my opinion, gallium [maltolate] cream works better for this patient with resistant acne than any of the other products he has used for his acne. No side effects have occurred with its usage. His treatment course has included oral antibiotics including amoxicillin and doxycycline. Topical products have included retinoids including Retin-A and Differin cream.
Therese A. Holguin, MD (dermatologist), Flagstaff, Arizona

I use this [Gallixa] cream on the arthritis on my left hand twice a day, and it relieves the pain. I also use it nightly for lichen sclerosus, and the area feels much better; Premarin cream was prescribed for it, but the Gallixa works much better.
Sue T., Alpine, California

The Gallixa cream takes away all the arthritis pain in my knees, so I can continue playing soccer.
Hugo Lecaros, Cusco, Peru, and Sunnyvale, California

Suffer from the severe pain of Trigeminal Neuralgia and Glossopharyngeal Neuralgia nerve pain. Gallixa helps to take the edge off my pain. Thank you.
Angela Osborn, Akron, Ohio

My neuralgia has been relieved about 80 to 90 percent by the Gallixa skin cream after just six hours of use. I would state that Gallixa is a seminal discovery.

UPDATE: At 8:36 PM today, I was timing it, I had severe pain owing to TMJ, crushing pain. I applied Gallixa twice, very thickly along my cheekbone and ear, and within six minutes, still have a dull pain, but I would posit the pain has been reduced by about 75%.
Laurie Weinroth, Toronto, Canada

The use of gallium maltolate [skin cream] has made my life bearable and relieved me from the excruciating recurring pain of postherpetic neuralgia, for which I am most grateful.
Alice Kladnik, Santa Barbara, California (used Gallixa daily for 6 years!)

I honestly think that you may have an important contribution to a significant unmet clinical need.
Daniel Jacobs, MD (surgeon), San Jose, California

All I can say is... Wow, this stuff really works!!! Shortly after the first application to my patient's feet [which had severe neuropathic pain that greatly impeded walking and sleep] she reported marked reduction in pain and I was able to touch and handle her feet without causing pain or provoking the pain-withdrawal response. I was amazed so I gave the jar to her with instructions to apply it 2-3 times/day, especially at bedtime, and whenever she gets those "shooting pains". A couple of days later when my patient returned to the office I noticed a big smile on her face and she was walking a great deal better. When I questioned her about the cream she said, "This stuff's a miracle. My feet aren't so sensitive to the touch and I've been able to sleep right through the night. My daughter even said she notices a big improvement 'cause she can help put my socks on without me jumping around in pain."
Richard J. McAlister, DC, DAAPM (chiropractor), East Brunswick, New Jersey

View an unsolicited video of this patient being interviewed by Dr. McAlister:

I have used the [Gallixa] cream on myself for eczema and have found it much more effective than steroid creams prescribed for me over the last three years.
[Click here to see photos!]

Ian Howard, Toronto, Canada

Six weeks after the treatment, the psoriatic lesion has not returned. I wish to add that the above described psoriasis had been previously treated with several typical anti-psoriasis prescription drugs, including some with corticosteroids, but these had almost no therapeutic effect. Your product has also eliminated my basal cell carcinoma lesions. Thank you again for helping me with your ointment, which has produced spectacular healing.
Ivan Abonyi, MD, Budapest, Hungary

Yesterday my friend Steve, who helps me garden, was complaining about a spot he's had on his face for quite a while and about a place on his arm that was burning because something in the yard had irritated it. I had him put some Gallixa on both spots. The burning stopped immediately and today the spot on his face is much improved, too, when nothing else had ever helped it. It's so effective it seems like magic, not just chemistry. Every household could benefit from it.
Larry Millsap, Santa Cruz, California

It is very clear to me that [Gallixa] has on the average day lessened the intensity and frequency of the jabbing pains as well as the tingle-feel [of refractory postherpetic neuralgia] in a more pronounced manner than anything else that I have tried.
Fritz Woeller, San Diego, California

Gallixa is a wonderful cream. I was pleasantly surprised ​at how much I liked it. I use it for the pain and tenderness caused by fibromyalgia. I apply it daily to the areas that are the most painful. Gallixa soothed the pain and tenderness on several high pain days and made the difference between me being able to walk on those days or not. It didn't completely take the pain away, but it soothed the pain enough to make such a difference. I do not experience any side affects.
Channa Gold, Jerusalem, Israel

It is a magic cream! Thank you very much!!
Nadia Kinda, Certified Nursing Assistant/Home Health Aide, Goleta, California

I have been using Gallixa on my face for the past 3 weeks to treat dry, red, itchy spots. In the past I have tried using face creams and hydrocortisone without any lasting effect. I have been putting Gallixa on my face in the morning and at night and I am happy to report that results were immediate and lasting. Thank you for this great product.
Liz Roberts, Ottawa, Canada

A friend of mine and I were hit by an SUV in a pedestrian crosswalk on account of which I suffered a distal radius fracture of my right wrist. I unfortunately contracted a condition called Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy or RSD. The following three and one-half weeks until I started applying your Gallium Maltolate were even more devastating to me than the weeks immediately following my accident. Applying Gallium Maltolate was highly effective, and I cannot thank you enough nor express my gratitude to you in adequate words. To me Gallium Maltolate delivered near miraculous results.
Nela Jarica, Kempen, Germany

My mother had her first-ever onset of shingles... and now she's in the postherpetic neuralgia phase and things were getting more dicey. So I ordered some Gallixa with a healthy dose of skepticism. Well, the Gallixa just arrived. As advertised, it's non-greasy and pleasant smelling. My mother immediately applied a very thin coating of the cream on the areas where she's been having the very uncomfortable nerve pain (neck, behind ear, and scalp). Within ONE MINUTE, the pain had disappeared. The look of ecstatic surprise on her face was priceless. Thank you, Dr. Bernstein for your curious nature, your scientific training and your humanitarian spirit.
A grateful customer, New Hampshire

Thank you so much for the Gallixa! It's the only product that relieves the pain from my trigeminal neuralgia.
Pernella Farmer, Oakland, California

Using Gallixa just a few times produced real relief! A week after my bunion surgery my foot started to swell and become red and very sensitive. I had two very difficult days, and then decided to call the doctor. Right before calling, I started to put on Gallixa once every three hours. All my symptoms started to fade from the first application. Fourteen hours later, by the time I saw the doctor, he found my foot fine. Thank you for this powerful cream, which has been a basic supply in our household!
Mrs. I.A. Dr., Budapest, Hungary

You truly have created a miracle cream. After many years of itching and flaking caused by psoriasis, trying every known cure... your cream did after one day's use what none of the other remedies ever did for me.
Nancy Wold, Palo Alto, California

I had ocular shingles in 2013, which left me with PHN in my forehead, scalp, and eye. Oral meds helped but I discontinued them after a year because of side effects. My physician prescribed Lidocaine cream and another compounded cream to apply. These helped some but the Lidocaine was irritating and the compounded cream very sticky and incredibly expensive ($600.00). Then I tried Gallixa--this cream gives me more relief than either of the others and is very affordably priced. I apply it 3-4 times a day and because it is not sticky I can apply it to the painful spots on my scalp which helps immensely. I now have very little pain during the day. The cream allows me to sleep much better at night as the pain is much less than it was. Dr Bernstein is a true scientist for discovering this compound and a real mensch for marketing it at a cost that makes pain relief within reach. Thank you!!
Rosalie Beck, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

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